Policies for Revisions and Refunds


In case of any undesirable situation that you feel less fully satisfied with our output or uncontrollable circumstances from your end, we offer the following refund arrangements:

  1. Automatically guarantees 100% refund for article spinning that we haven’t started working on.
  2. Articles and works on progress are no longer subject to refunds. We offer refunds for pending article, not per order.
    For example, you ordered 5 articles – spinning and you have decided to withdraw/cancel them but our writers are currently working on 3 articles. Therefore, we can only provide 100% refund for the 2 articles. The 3 articles can no longer be refunded as our writers are already working on them. However, these articles belong to the scope of our revision policies. Please refer to our REVISION policies.
  3. Articles + spinning that we have completed, successfully delivered and received by clients are no longer subject to refunds. These articles are only subject to our REVISION Policies.


ArticleContentSpinners.Com offers the following terms and conditions for modifications and changes. All items covered by these terms are articles + spinning that have been completely written and delivered as well as all articles on progress.

All articles + spinning and orders delivered that are not as described and discussed between the website, ArticleContentSpinners.Com and customers are automatically subject to our Revision policies. With our consent and acknowledgement, 100% refund will be granted to articles that we cannot deliver or no longer revise at par to your satisfaction.

Customers can request for unlimited revisions for articles completed and delivered.
For Copywriting Services, we only grant one revision.

In case of refunds, ArticleContentSpinners.Com owns all copyrights of all original articles written hence, you are not allowed to use, modify or published such articles in compliance to Copyright Laws.

Customers are highly advised to delete all data and files containing articles, copywriting that we have refunded.

With sole consideration and deliberation of ArticleContentSpinners.Com, customers will be denied and barred from refunds and revisions at the advent of abuse of these terms and conditions.